Christian Alexander

Property Data Specialist and IT Systems Manager

T: (416) 238-2221

[email protected]

Christian Alexander


For over 20 years, Christian has worked in the property tax field. His experience ranges from a successful appraisal and consulting firm to a large Real Estate Brokerage.

Christian focuses on the use of data to find errors and inconsistencies in assessments. Christian’s role as a Property Data Specialist allows him to focus on reviewing ‘Big Data” to ensure that our clients get the full picture of their property taxes and assessments.

His experience building property tax information systems is extensive and he plays the primary role in managing Walker West Longo’s internal information system, Orion, as our Information Systems Manager. This bespoke platform allows us to manage assessment and tax litigation efficiently and maintain our clients’ tax information so it is available when needed.

Christian has training, education and years of experience in the IT administration of Linux, Microsoft, Unix and OSX operating systems. Additionally, he has the same training, education and experience in programing and database administration, optimization and modeling. Chris has developed multiple platforms for various companies in his career and was part of the IT platform design team for one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the world. Chris regularly participates in design development and ‘Big Data’ conferences and continues his education in the ‘most in-demand programming languages’, primarily focused in SQL, Java, Javascript, Python, C# and C++, Php and iOS/Swift.


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